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Piano Lessons for Young Kids

Many parents wonder when is a good age for their kids to start taking piano lessons. In my post Common Questions About Piano Lessons, you can find my answer about this (and many other questions). I say “no younger than 4”.

The most ideal age to start piano lessons would be 6 and above. But it depends on the kid. Some kids are ready to start their musical journey at 4 or 5! While some can easily pick up familiar tunes at the piano, others might need more time to do so. But this is ok, because piano lessons are much more than learning to play the piano.

In my lessons, I combine piano playing, music reading, theory understanding, music creativity, and above all, music appreciation and enjoyment. The first thing we need to do is to introduce the beauty of music into the kids’ lives, no matter how young they are. They can easily appreciate nice music even at a tender age of 4.

I also teach students how to do basic singing : singing is the most natural way to learn and feel music with our bodies. Also, body movement: getting the rhythm right is mostly by having the beat in the body, rather than robotically counting it out loud.

So, while we call it “piano lessons”, what I do especially with younger kids, is to have a well-rounded fundamental music education at the piano, while having fun!

Piano is an awesome tool, it opens a whole new world to learn and appreciate music. If you’re interested in signing up for some introductory piano lessons for yourself or your kids, please contact me here. I suggest trying at least a few months to really know if this is right for you. But again, it does not hurt to take a trial lesson to get started. If you or your kids don’t like it, you will know from your first piano lesson.

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