Studio Policy


STUDIO POLICY (updated: July 2022)

1. There should be mutual respect and trust among teacher, students and parents. 

2. It is very important to be punctual for lessons. Lessons are automatically cancelled with no refund or make up when students do not show up or are more than 15 minutes late without reasonable explanation.

3. Daily practice is vital for students of all levels to learn and progress. A general guideline of daily practice is as follows:

    Beginner Students (first year) : 15-30 minutes

    Lower Intermediate Students (1- 2 years) : 30 minutes or more

    Upper Intermediate Students : 45 minutes

    Advanced Students: an hour or more

    It is valuable for students to keep a practice diary to keep track of their own progress.

4. Students are expected to take lessons weekly on scheduled day and time. If there is a need to reschedule an upcoming lesson, inform me a week ahead in person, or at least 48 hours prior to the lesson by phone/text/email.  No show for scheduled lessons (including make up lessons) would not be made up.

5. Missed lessons without notice are not to be made up unless such absence is due to sickness or emergency – students/parents should give notice as early as possible on the same day of scheduled lesson. Whenever there is a canceled lesson, students are expected to make it up within two months or they might lose the missed lesson.

6. There will not be lessons on major holidays  (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day). We will arrange accordingly to make up the lessons on other days within two months.

7. There will not be lessons in case of extreme weather situations, however, please check with me whether there is a lesson or not when there is a concern with bad weather/traffic conditions. We can always do the lessons online instead.

8. Cell phones and any digital devices should be turned to silent during the lessons. 

9. Students who wish to participate in any master classes, competitions, public exams and performance opportunities should consult me for advice.

10. Parents/Students are responsible for purchasing music books and materials required for lessons unless provided. Please consult me if there is any need regarding recommendation of piano, music score or related purchase.

11. Students can sit in other students’ lessons with my approval and that of the concerned students. Parents and students can feel free to discuss with me about their children’s/their own progress.

12. Tuition fee is a monthly fee and cannot be discounted by any means. Fee is due at the last lesson of previous month for the next month’s payment (e.g. tuition fee is due at the end of February for March’s lessons). Tuition fee paid is non-refundable.

13. Tuition fee is the same for every month (4-week lessons: no lesson at the 5th week). Please pay cash or check payable to “Teresa Wong”. You can also pay fee via Venmo or Zelle.

14. Once enrolled in the studio, students are expected to take lessons on a weekly basis and pay tuition fee on a monthly basis, until they discontinue the lessons completely. Students can pay for the absent month(s) if they wish to secure the same lesson spots upon return. If students would like to take a break (a month and up) from the lessons, they would have to re-enroll and the previous time slots are not guaranteed.

Learning to play the piano is a wonderful experience. I hope you and/or your child(ren) enjoy it. Please feel free to talk to me should you have any questions at all.

Teresa Wong