Piano Courses

Piano Beginner Course (for beginners of all ages)

Music on Wings Piano Beginner Course is a systematic piano training program that provides a comprehensive training in all aspects of music learning: playing, listening, singing, reading, writing, improvising and composing.

This course is specially designed to benefit both teachers and students as well as maximize the result through precision teaching, learning and practice.

The Student Practice Guide is a comprehensive guide that provides students with step-by-step practice notes to enable independent, at home revision. Each practice session is specifically designed to give both students and parents the confidence that improvement through precise practice will be achieved each and every time.

This introductory course will give every student a solid foundation in piano playing and musical knowledge, bringing even greater enjoyment to piano learning.

Music learning is fun, exciting and a gift full of joy.  Music on Wings Piano Course Program will empower anyone who wants to share with others this musical gift through teaching, learning and performing.

The coursebooks (and other books of mine) are available for sale on Amazon.

Piano Beginner Course for Adults and Teenagers

Adult beginners and teenagers usually start with the beginner books as well, but have more flexibility with the learning materials. In addition to the book syllabus, we would add songs of your favorite to the lessons, so that you can also enjoy playing the songs you love!

Intermediate Piano Course

Students who finish Piano Beginner Course would proceed to taking Intermediate Piano Course. In this course students learn to understand music and play the piano at a higher level. A repertoire of more diverse musical styles and higher technical level will be taught.

Advanced Piano Course

Students who wish to gain a more serious level of music appreciation and higher level of piano performance capacity would proceed to taking the Advanced Piano Course. At this level, students can find themselves work towards a more professional level of performance skills and music understanding, which can lead into becoming a professional musician or a student at music college or conservatory.

Professional Piano Course

This is a course for serious pianist or piano teacher. We would set up goals and target-achieving plans whether it be a professional advancement or a public concert opportunity.

Piano Teacher Training Course

This course is specially designed for teachers who want to maximize their teaching and students’ learning results by using a well-planned teaching plan and a systematic program with little preparation prior to lessons. We are now running our Piano Teacher Training Course (Level I) to help new piano teachers jumpstart their teaching career using our coursebooks.

Creative Piano Course

In this course we focus on music making at the piano! It can be anything from piano improvisation to piano music writing.

Classical Piano Course

This course focuses on learning to play mostly classical piano repertoire. Extensive note reading is required.

Pop Piano Course

This course focuses on learning to play pop piano music, including popular tunes from your favorite bands/singers/movies/TV shows! We won’t focus that much on reading, instead we would focus on having you to learn about chords and patterns and play by ear (and eyes!).

Music Writing Course

This course is all about writing your own music! We would use piano and at times computer (keyboard and music software) in our creative process.

Beginner Singing Course

If you have always wanted to sing but feel you need some improvement and skills to take that step, this course is for you. You can learn to sing anything from pop, hymns, folk, to classical songs. Lots of vocalization, singing and laughter would be involved!

Performances, Auditions, Competitions & Exams

I arrange performance opportunities and concerts for students who want to show off their talents and share the joy of music with others.

Any students who wish to participate in professional auditions, exams and competitions must discuss with me prior to enrolment.