Piano Lessons

Beginners -Advanced Players, Piano Teachers
Children – Adults

Provides Comprehensive Piano Lessons Integrating Music Appreciation and Creativity, Piano Technique and Performance

Improves piano skills, integrating musical & theoretical element

Provides opportunities to participate in exams, competitions & performances

Organizes music gatherings/performance classes & student recitals to gain more performance experiences

Provides assistance in applying to music schools both locally & abroad,
e.g. admission essay, audition program & interview

About Teresa Wong’s Piano Lessons:
This video shall give you some ideas about my piano lessons: lesson schedule and structures, studio activities as well as my teaching philosophy:


I emphasize teaching students
*a solid foundation with efficient playing method, a combination of body/arm weight and finger technique

*a large repertoire with diverse musical styles

*strong sight-reading ability

*good musical aural ability

*keyboard skills/improvisation technique

With all these skills learnt, students enjoy their learning and playing experience, whilst at the same time develop independent thinking and critical judgment towards their own playing.

Student progress reports are provided to show students/parents what students have learnt in the past months/year. Frequent discussions between students/parents and teacher are maintained to keep track of students’ learning progress.

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Common Questions About Piano Lessons


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This is where the magic begins!

I welcome any music-related enquiry.
Email address: info@longmont-piano-lessons.com