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A Simple Guide to Piano Tuning

Recently I have a lot of people asked me about piano tuning, if I have any recommendation. Sadly, so far I haven’t gotten anyone great in town, but I’ll keep looking and let you all know if I’ve found one (fingers crossed!).

Now, piano tuning is pretty straightforward when you find someone who is professional and knows what s/he is doing (to be honest I haven’t encountered any female technician all these years- maybe they prefer playing!). Notice that even a regular tuning would take a while as there is more than one strings for most of the keys at the piano- the bass register only has one string for each key but the middle to top registers have two-three strings for each key!

It is a set fee for “tuning” only. But if your piano needs more than tuning, then the price would vary and you might be shocked when the technician quotes you a fee that sounds a lot more than you would expect.

The “miscellaneous” procedures required can be anything from what the professional piano technicians call “voicing”, to “regulation”, or simply “cleaning”. If your piano needs substantial repair, then it might cost even more. Always ask for a quote before you call a technician in -but caution even then they might quote for an even higher price when they are at your house looking at your piano, telling you that there’s more to be done than you realize. So if you find them quoting you way more than you want to pay, say no and consider if you actually need a newer piano! (Buying a decent second hand piano might be a better option sometimes)

Frankly I miss my technicians I’d used for many years before I moved to Longmont. They are artists – know the piano inside out and can make the piano sing according to what I want, yet without charging a crazy amount of fee to do it. If I can’t find anyone decent I would start fixing my own Steinway soon..

But hey tuning, I would leave it to the ones I find here- it takes way too long to do it myself, even I know how to.