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The Joy of Playing Piano

Recently I have more free time – as might some of you as well – during this virus lockdown. I have more time to contemplate, to slow down, to appreciate, and plan for the future. 

I’ve been playing the piano for many years (just don’t ask me how many years/from what age!). The estimate would be a little over 3 decades (there you have it). The meaning of piano playing for me has morphed into various shapes and forms throughout these years. It was the only thing I thought I was good at, to a deeply meaningful way to connect within myself and with the outside world. It changed from me being a kid and amateur to a professional pianist and piano teacher (among other things/posts). It changed from playing locally to internationally, seeing the world and learning about other’s cultures. 

I did and still do enjoy being on stage: not that I like the attention, I actually feel more comfortable and being myself up there than in the crowd. I of course love sharing my music with others, especially at the piano. The freedom, the feeling, the sensation inside and out, all are simply, but inexplicably, extraordinary, out of the world. (If indeed there is another world)

As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), my taste and philosophy about music have changed. For me, piano playing is very personal, and while one can enjoy playing for others, most importantly, one needs to enjoy playing for oneself. Do the best when no one’s watching and listening. Not for the glory but for the appreciation of music. 

When we don’t play well, it’s not us who suffer. It’s the music. But that doesn’t mean we have to feel bad about it or about ourselves.

We enjoy and appreciate the wonder of music making and piano playing, how lucky and blessed we are to have this chance to do so, while we strive to get better at it, hoping with effort, time and persistence, we are worth the music that is presented to us. 

You all have a blessed day.

TW x