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Piano Learning and Practice

Since I have started teaching in town, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from new/potential students and their parents about my lessons. For that I am thankful.

First off, I apologize sincerely if I haven’t replied as quickly as I would’ve wanted to to your lesson enquiries here on the site. Again, you can email me directly for quicker reply.

Secondly, I will try to update this blog more often than before. While I do have my main site, Facebook page, and YouTube channel that I need to update very often, I believe I need to put more effort locally to connect with you all on what I’m doing with my piano lessons and other music plans here.

So…I am planning to do a concert here in Longmont/neighboring area by the end of this year (2019). I’m excited about this idea! Although I have no idea what the program is and where I will have the concert, I have decided that I need to put the idea forward (and say/write it out loud!) in order to make it happen.

I’m also hoping to plan some performance opportunities for my students – it’s really great for anyone who’s learning to play the piano (or any musical instrument really) to have the chance to share their music/playing with others.

That’s it for now. I’ll come back and update more soon enough.

And check the contact form messages you’ve left me more often!