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Piano is Life

This is what I see as I lie here on my beanbag in my backyard, listening to Philip Glass’s “Mad Rush” (frankly the first piece of his I ever like). At the same time I am looking at my Facebook page.

I am reading one of the many “inspirational quotes”, something like “who knows if you’re going to be still alive in 5 years”. It’s true, because no one knows what’s going to happen even tonight or tomorrow.

It also says, “don’t wait to go for what you’re passionate about, do it now while you can”. Immediately I think about what I would be spending time on that makes me really happy – and immediately I have my answer – anything related to piano.

And then I just smile 😊

That’s it.

Another day I get to spend at the piano is another day I earn. Yes, there have been a lot of struggles, disappointment, failure and what not. But there have been a lot of joy, happiness, fun, excitement, and satisfaction.

After a day of teaching at the piano, I feel good. Like really good. I know a lot of people think classical music is old and outdated, elite and boring. Even I listen to all kinds of music, I still go back to classical music. It gives me an irreplaceable sense of calm, almost like meditation, cleansing my mind, messaging my inner brain that sort of feels. (Yes, do try it, great massage for the brain, gives you a stress-free hour or evening).

As I sit here, I’m thinking, “life is great with music.” 🎶 🎹 😊

Peace 🙏