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Patience and Persistence

Sometimes we become impatient when it seems like we are not getting any progress in our piano journey. And it is completely normal to feel that way, especially when we feel we are putting a lot of effort trying to be better at the piano.

With my many years’ experience of piano playing, performing and teaching, I understand one thing: progress seems to come and go, even when I put extra effort at getting better. But the result always stays, especially when I am doing it the right way. (I’ll talk more about “the right way” in the future – but basically, doing the fundamental work and building a solid foundation, not the shortcut).

I see sometimes students, adults and children, get frustrated when they do not get it the first time, the second time, and then they just seem to give up already. It does not work that way. Music is magical, but one needs to put time and effort, with patience, to learn the magic. Nothing goes out of thin air. Not for even genius. In fact, geniuses are the ones who put the most effort to be great.

Often we see people doing great things but we do not see them work and struggle behind the scene. Greatness is not born, but built.

Recently I listened to a meditation talk and the teacher talked about how bamboos grew. Basically you would not see the bamboos do anything until five years after you plant them. All you can do is plant the seeds, and keep at helpinh them grow. You might not see much result at the beginning, but if you keep at it, one day you will see it.

It is not just some kind of “faith” you have to believe in when it comes to playing piano or learning music, in fact, you probably would see more result than growing bamboos. You just need more patience than you think you already are having. Work on the basics, learn the fundamentals, really make the details count, and one day, you will see the tremendous growth and the amazing results like I do in myself and in you.