My First Post

I’d like to write something about myself, so that you can get to know me more before you consider ((or sending your kids to) taking piano lessons  with me. 

I moved to Longmont about a year ago. I spent most of my life in Asia, precisely Hong Kong, where I built one piano studio, one charity organization, and one boutique piano school in a decade. 

I LOVED what I did. It was a dream come true. I’d always wanted to teach piano after I graduated with my Master’s degree in piano performance from Indiana University (which was also a dream come true studying there). But after I graduated, I spent most of my time performing. 

I didn’t think the way I wanted to teach worked. I didn’t like the exam and competition system too much: it sure had its merit, but when it was overemphasized over the other parts of music education, it lost part of its credibility and value.

But somehow I made it. I got to the point where I taught what and how I wanted to and everyone (including students and parents and teachers!) in my studio and school seemed to be happy and enjoy music learning as well as piano playing. I was blessed.

Now I am here in Colorado. Things are different. But I do see people have a passion for music, albeit different kind of music/way to make music.

I like to see how this goes.

I have taught students from all around the world during my times in Indiana and in Hong Kong. I had students from the UK, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Sri Lanka, India, China, Macau, and of course the US and Hong Kong. I love connecting with people from all kinds of culture: I always say (and write in my posts) that music/piano is a tool to connect with others, rather than a means to an end.

Let me know if you have any questions about my piano lessons or check out this page to learn more.