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Teresa Wong: My early piano learning experience (3)

My early piano learning experience (2)

I think because of this first Teacher, and how she literally changed my life, I know if I care genuinely about how I teach my students, I can change someone’s lives too.

I had a teenage student, who did poorly in one of her graded piano exams with her previous piano teacher, lost her confidence in playing. Her mother came to me and explained about it, and wonder if I could help. I took note of her past experience and helped her first of all regained love for her piano playing, then within a short period of time, she became confident again, and went on to pass the next grade with flying colors. She also won first prize in an international piano competition. What I was happy for her was not about her grades or prizes, but how she came around, became confident and loved playing piano again, knowing she could do this for herself.

No one should be defined as failure just because s/he didn’t do good once. Sometimes it takes a while to know your strength and build up that skill. And at the piano, it really takes quite some time, and a lot of effort and persistence.

A teacher’s role is not to spoon feed a student, but rather, present them with information, and guide them with planning in kindness. A lot of patience and positivity has to go into one’s teaching. I really don’t think if someone hates to teach they should keep teaching. We all have some of those at schools don’t we? And we sure remember how they ruined our love for the subjects they taught us.

Certainly I have more stories to tell, whether they be my learning or teaching experiences, and I will keep sharing from time to time, because I know they have in the past inspired someone, and I hope they would inspire you too.