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My love and passion for piano teaching and playing has led me to write and publish a few books on the topics. 

Piano Freedom

Get Complete Freedom at the Piano – Unveil the Myth of Piano Technique!

Read more to get the most from your piano practice and performances!

Do you love to play piano? Are you looking for a way to unlock your true potential and endurance? Would you like to play easier and with more expression? If so, you must read Piano Freedom: How to transform your piano playing forever for the better!

An expert in piano performance and pedagogy, Teresa reveals how one can transform their piano playing to the next new height by first understanding the basic human anatomy, how each part of the body – especially the upper arms, forearms, wrists, palms and fingers- works. She writes in details about weight transfer and the various technical skills one needs to acquire. She continues to discuss different ways to gain new techniques and efficient practice routines to achieve best results. There are step by step guides and exercises to help you achieve the kind of piano technique that will bring you to a much higher level of confident, expressive and enjoyable piano playing you have never imagined you can ever achieve.

In this fascinating guide, Teresa details her breakthroughs in piano technique that led to “a feeling of complete confidence and emotional harmony.” Based on insights gleaned from Seymour Bernstein and Gyorgy Sandor, this book includes Teresa’s powerful tips and strategies for achieving—most of all—a positive attitude at the piano. By unlocking your love of music and believing in yourself, you can master any skill, study, repertoire piece, or technique! Inside Piano Freedom, You’ll discover Teresa’s proven piano methods, body orientation and exercises; how to use Bernstein’s weight training method, an easy approach to Sandor’s five basic motions, and mastery tips for scales and arpeggios.

Written with audacity and sincerity, Teresa is confident that her readers, with the new found knowledge, will not only bring a fresh angle of awareness and insight into their own piano playing, but also guide them to build a new solid foundation in piano technique, so that they too can enjoy the true sense of freedom.

Teresa will inspire you to new heights of performance and enjoyment! Don’t spend another practice session mindlessly churning out Hanon and Czerny studies. Unlock your enjoyment of piano technique today with Piano Freedom!

Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book

Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book and its associated materials are designed for advanced piano players or piano teachers.

Whether you are an experienced player wanting to improve your skills or a teacher hoping to learn something useful for your students, Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book by Teresa Wong is the perfect guide to help you take your playing to a whole new level.