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Music Healing

Lately I feel particularly overwhelmed by what is going on in this world, and I am sure many of you feel the same at times.

I can try to relax, watch TV, do something to distract my mind, or do nothing. But I find the best way for me to really feel more at ease is to either play the piano or listen to some calming and meditative music.

I’ve been practicing meditation in the past few years, mostly frequently, lately more sporadically. When I first started, it was very difficult. I tried and gave up. Then a few years later, during my trip in Thailand in a yoga retreat, finally, I found out how to meditate. It required focus, focus on not to think and be distracted. And breathing in, breathing out, nurturing the mind and soul.

It’s very hard to not be distracted these days, with all the technology and online activities you can easily do anytime, anywhere, with so many electronic devices surround you within reach.

Back in when I was still studying music, I practiced 8 hours every single day, and I mean, every single day. Even in the summer, Christmas, any big holidays, and even during my travels (usually music-related anyway). Now, I can hardly find the time and focus to even practice one hour a day!

Recently, I’ve been trying to play the piano an hour every evening after dinner. Mostly I use that time to create new music, improvising and composing. I find the evening hours particularly great for such purpose, as I find myself much less distracted by the daily news (and stock market activities!). I can really enjoy my piano and work on my music in these quiet hours – last night I found it especially meditative at the piano. Of course it depends on what I am playing (it can be dramatic at times), but just having that focus and time at the piano soothes my mind and soul very much.

I encourage you to find a time for yourself at the piano, even when you feel there is no time at all for you to do so. It can be just 15 minutes. Just you and your piano. Give it time, or rather, give yourself time, to be not distracted by the worldly (and human) matters. It is the time for you, the time to explore and heal yourself, to enjoy your playing at the piano. I believe music is a much better way to heal your soul and emotion than any therapy combined. It’s definitely worth it.

Until next time,

Teresa Wong