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Music Gathering

One of my favorite events is music gathering with my students.

It is an opportunity to connect, share and enjoy music together.

It is a time for me to listen to each student playing their favorite piece at the piano, ravelled at the fact that I am the one who helps them grow and enjoy the music they are playing. It is a truly magical moment for me (so is student concert!).

Often adult students worry that they have not progressed as fast as they hope to, and feel frustrated at the progress. But I always assure them that they are having a great progress – and it shows when they play for others.

From time to time I am still amazed by this wonderful opportunity in life that I get to connect to people all over the world. Indeed, music has no boundary, we are truly connected regardless of race, culture, gender and belief. For that I am always grateful and feel, truly blessed. Thank you to all my students (and their parents) past and present in the last few decades, and also my Teachers.

I look forward to our gathering soon in June – and our online student concert!