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Love Piano, Love Life

Love Piano, Love Life

These days have been a bit chaotic for everyone to say the least. At times I do feel somewhat overwhelmed myself.

But everytime when I go to the piano and have lessons with my students (whether online or in person), I feel so connected and blessed. I enjoy immensely how music brings us together, how piano is such a magical and powerful instrument – the connection is simply beautiful and amazing.

It is hard for everyone these days, and if you ever feel overwhelmed like me, go do nothing and listen to music. If you play an instrument, go sit down and play your heart out, with no judgment on your own performance. Simply enjoy your music, your playing(or singing), just immerse yourself in the glory of music. And be proud of yourself, that you, have spent time and energy into learning to play a gorgeous music instrument (or own a beautiful singing voice), and just, enjoy it fully.

Until next time, this is Teresa Wong. Be Blessed.