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How Can You Help Your Kids To Like Playing The Piano (Again)?

Supplementary To “Do your kids like playing the piano?”

I found this wonderful website while doing research on my piano method books.

The Piano Education Page

website link: http://pianoeducation.org/

It has a lot of useful information regarding piano methods, lessons, and practice. Parents who wish to understand and help their children who seem to have fallen out of interest in playing the piano should go to this link and read all these short articles there:


The articles include:

When Should My Child Begin Lessons?

“Fun” and Piano Lessons

Being a Supportive Parent of a Piano Student

Taking an Active Role in Your Child’s Piano Training

My Kid Wants to Quit Piano!?!?

Suggested Practice Techniques

Using a Home Computer For Music Education

Motivating Students – Just Whose Job Is It?

I myself found the articles particularly informative.

Another page on this website I would particularly recommend is for kids.
Just for Kids

This post on this page is quite interesting in helping kids to develop interest in their practice.
Tip of the Month – Pull out the Props for Proper Piano Practice!

Big applause to this non-profit website’s staff and sponsors, especially its Editor-in-Chief and Contributing Author, John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.

Teresa Wong