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Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother has a huge influence on my music journey – a piano teacher gave me up when I was younger, simply because I didn’t do as well as she liked in my Grade 7 piano exam. My Mother found another piano teacher for me behind my Father’s back (he would think it’s my fault). This piano teacher would become my first Mentor, who was compassionate, humanistic and musical. She was a true Teacher. My Mother also encouraged me to go study music in high school, and eventually I came to the States and finished my Master’s degree in Piano Performance. The rest is history.

My Mother is rather forward thinking for her era: she doesn’t think her children need to be particularly someone or have specific kind of career. When I was in kindergarten, a teacher called my Mother in and told her they needed to fix my writing problem, that I couldn’t use left hand to write. My Mother simply told her off and said, “just let her be.”

This photo was taken two years ago, when my Mother came visit me in the States for me wedding. It’s the last time I saw her in person. Mother, I love you, Happy Mother’s Day 😊❤️🎹