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Focus on yourself

This coronavirus situation has been devastating to all of us in so many ways around the world, especially for those of us who have a stay-at-home order to follow. It’s uncomfortable, stressful, depressing, anxious, boring, scary, and more. It’s also at times unusually calming, relaxing, comforting, loving, caring, connecting and then some. It’s definitely a strange time to be in.

I’ve been through a lot of stressful times my whole life (including moving out of my home country two times, alone, and death of someone very close)), but nothing like this – this limits my ability to move, to work, and connect. But times like this also make me think, how I can cope better, and how I can prepare myself for the future.

One thing I find that works for me, is to maintain a regular routine, doing things I always do, even before the pandemic and lockdown even started. That includes working out regularly, eating healthy, keeping a positive mindset (although sometimes really hard to do!), and keep teaching piano online as much as possible.

I am truly grateful to those who have decided to continue their piano lessons online, although it is not the way they signed up for (unlike those who signed up purposely online since they’re not in the same area/country I’m in). I understand the difficulty for them and I really appreciate they learn to cope with it too.

With more time at hand, I start to wonder what I can do more. I do start cooking more for sure (now that I have time and feel like doing it!), I also have a little more time to play the piano myself, and possibly compose some new music – I still feel like every day goes by so quickly.

Today I received a couple emails from my old students (online piano lesson and successful music teaching course students). They asked me how I was doing, and one of them told me she got her first student of her own music instrument this month! I am so excited for her – she has finally started to build her own music teaching studio, and I am also very grateful to learn they continue to care for me.

I hope you all are hanging in there, keeping good spirits, playing piano (or any other music instruments), being healthy and feeling well. Sometimes it’s okay to take it a little slower, but keep on doing what you want to do, before and after any crisis, it maybe the only way to maintain one’s sanity, at least for me it is.