Piano Teaching

Exhausted But Blessed


It has been a hectic week, trying to gather my thoughts and perhaps, actions too.

Planning a performance is always a tough one. Certainly practice will be involved – but before that, a program has to be set and organized. How long is the program? How many pieces am I playing? Who are playing besides me? Are students involved? What is the theme of the concert?…

My problem is always that I don’t want to do something boring. I like to try new things – as much as I love classical music, I believe there’s a new way to present the genre, and that it can be a mix and match with another one (I am sure the die-hard traditional classical music fans/connoisseurs would not agree, but hey, I am not here to please everyone haha).

Then there are other projects like book update, online programs, and membership subscription. I’m also looking for a new space to expand my teaching. So much to do, so little time to spare…

But I don’t want to go back to the time when I felt completely exhausted by my own brain every day. I used to write and write and record and edit every single day, even before and after hours of lessons, and would pre-schedule upcoming posts so that there would be new stuff for readers when I was on vacation (yes, I was that crazy).

Still, today I had GREAT lessons. Frankly I admire my adult students, who come to my lessons after long hours of work. I really do. And I can tell they really enjoy the time with me in my lessons, for that I am super grateful – I totally enjoy that too. Sometimes I feel I am blessed like that. I just need more dedicated students like them! 🙂

I also have a lot of appreciation for the parents who have to bring their kids in every week for their lessons. I know how exhausting that can be day in and day out, all kinds of activities going on on the schedule.

That would be it for today – I better wrap out the other site’s update before it gets dark here..