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Don’t Give Up on Piano!

Don't Give Up on Piano!

I’m happy to be able to continue my piano lessons with my wonderful students, partly in person and partly online during such challenging times.

I understand it can be frustrating at time for many parents and adult students to keep the piano lessons going, with the normal schedule and routine being thrown upside down during this pandemic situation. I really do.

Sometimes it is easy for us to think, “I have enough of this, I just take a break, why try so hard?”

Let’s take a moment here.

After a few months into the pandemic, things are settling down a bit. Schooling is still having a challenging situation, but as time goes by, we can handle it.

Just like everything else in life, we take it one small step at a time, even if it is just an inch, or even a centimeter. (Or a millimeter as we might feel, but at least we move a little forward?)

We ARE moving forward, little by little.

We can accept the change and keep on going, because life goes on, and if we just sit there and wait, we might wait forever.

Instead, let us enjoy the ride.

Let us enjoy some music, have some fun at the piano, I think we can do that right?

Of course, don’t forget to take a little R&R, a little self care for yourself, you parents and adult students. We all need it.

So, I will keep going, take some rest, and keep working on my teaching, online and in person. I will keep playing some piano. Perhaps, time to get back to composing/arranging some music again.

That’s why we are going to have an online piano student concert! Because we need to continue enjoying music, and sharing it with our friends and families.

I love teaching my piano students, and I love seeing their lovely faces, whether it be online or in person.

Until we all meet in person again, let’s continue to cherish and share all the beautiful moments of music learning and piano playing, online, and any ways possible to keep this alive.