Connection Through Music

I am often amazed by how I get connected with all kinds of people through music making and teaching. Some connections might be brief, while others can be long lasting.

When I start sharing with others about my experience, I find many of them also have similar kind of connections.

Being in the performing/teaching arena for as long as I can remember, there are a few connections I would never forget. And they are all with a few master piano teachers.

When I look back, I feel fortunate to have such connections. I can truly say that great (piano) teachers are far and few between. As I wrote before, true teachers must not only possess vast knowledge in music and masterful skills at the piano, they must also display compassion and caring qualities towards their students. Those who have both are rare.

I do know at least three and still have connection with one of them regularly. Lately, she told me that music without people is meaningless; it requires soul and emotion to be alive. I think it says a lot about piano playing and teaching in general.

In the past few years I have started to mentor new piano teachers. This recent conversation with my own teacher reminds me that I need to do the same for them like she does me.