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Cheers to Great Piano Teaching Moments!

Today I had a great lesson with a more mature student of late-intermediate level. He’s a new student to me and we had 2-3 piano lessons so far together. But like the first time I heard him play, I felt very touched when he played in the lesson today again. And I haven’t had that emotion for quite a while. I am really looking forward to other adult students listen to his playing. There is something special in it. I don’t want to use this word to describe his playing because sometimes it sounds like a cliché, but “inspiring” would be it to other piano students.

Doing something that’s true to yourself can be hard at times, especially when it’s in a new environment, where you have to start all over again, you feel like you needed to compromise. But I think I have gotten passed that, and for the first time, I am on to something I feel good about with my piano teaching once again.

So here I am, getting back to writing about my piano teaching, playing and recording some new piano pieces, getting back to singing a bit. I just feel like we can always challenge ourselves to do more, be better, no matter what life throws at you. There are always some people who wish you for the worse, but on the other hand, there are always those who like you for who you truly are, and root for you for what you represent.

Until next time, this is Teresa Wong. Cheers to to more about piano!