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Action is the Beginning of a Dream

(Photo shows a decoration plate I brought all the way from Taiwan to Hong Kong to now the States. It says “action is the beginning of a dream”)

Ten years ago, I didn’t think anyone wanted to read what I wrote. 

Today, I have an online music learning platform helping piano students and teachers all around the world to learn and enjoy music, succeed in exams and teaching. And I have successfully run two piano studios, one piano school and one charity music organisation, written six books on piano playing and piano method books.

It all started with a dream: a dream to connect and inspire with music. 

The dream didn’t come true immediately. In fact, it took me a while to realize it. Mostly it’s because I didn’t believe that I would reach it. I thought it was impossible to get to do what I wanted to do the way I wanted it. I thought I needed to do whatever everyone else was doing, follow the crowd so to speak. 

It turned out that the opposite worked better. 

Do what YOU want to do, because everyone else is taken. 

Do things you ENJOY and are PASSIONATE about. 

Don’t do things just because people tell you that’s the way things work. It works for others but it might not work for you. Everyone has a different path to take. 

So ASK YOURSELF: what do you really want? Like really really want. 

And then ask again: are you willing to do what it takes to make it happen?

Just having a dream is not enough. You have to take action to achieve it. 

Over the years I have students and teachers tell me they have a dream. But most of them never took actions. That dream was wasted. 

Every time I see someone who actually pulls through and works towards their dream, I am glad to be part of it somehow some way. 

Do you have a dream? What is it? And what would you do to make it happen?

Teresa Wong