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Life with Music is Beautiful

In my mind and heart, every concert is unique, just as every one of our students at my studio is.

Everyone gets nervous before, during and even after they perform on stage; it’s a normal reaction. Who isn’t worried about their own performance? But in order to get more comfortable and be better at it, one must go up that stage over and over again, sometimes even they have performed rather poorly in their last act. It’s the same in life: you get back up again and again after you fall. That’s how you grow and become better and successful in something that matters.

Piano Purchase and Maintenance

Simple Guide to Buying Your Piano Keyboard

I wrote about buying your first acoustic piano before. For those who are looking into buying a digital piano keyboard, I have some tips for you here.

First, you need to know that a digital keyboard has a very different touch and action from an acoustic piano, but if that’s what you are looking for – to play pop music, in a band, not necessarily classical piano music- then go for it.