Piano Lesson Contents

All piano lessons will include, piano playing, and any of the following:

Lessons include, other than piano playing, any of the following, whatever suits the needs and interests of individual students:

piano technique
piano performance
music history
music theory
basic singing
keyboard skills
music arrangment

Beginners of all ages will start with my coursebooks available for purchase directly from me or on Amazon.

There are CDs/music tracks online via iTunes/Spotify/Amazon Music/YouTube (free of charge included in the book purchase) where students can listen to to help with practice.

Outside of weekly lessons, I organize student concerts, music events and gatherings, to provide a well-rounded music experiences for students of all levels.

For year of 2023, I plan to publish a composition book for the students who are working on music writing. We will have our annual student concert in the fall as usual. Then there will be some music events/gatherings/competition/performance opportunities that students are free to join or not.